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For the latest news and updates on World Hate Center, this is the only spot. Social networks? A joke – you definitely won’t find WHC there. To me, they’re nothing more than digital swamps teeming with lies and corruption, perfectly disguised as surveillance tools. Even music archives don’t tell the full story about us. So, if you’re seeking the unadulterated insight into World Hate Center, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the only channel delivering the raw truth.

World Hate Center

WHC News // 2024

Currently, I’m honing an EP titled The Vatican Tapes. Given my deep-seated Christian beliefs, I’ve made a decision to no longer craft Porngrind lyrics, as they clash with my faith. Of course, I harbor no regrets. It’s all part of WHC’s history and I stand by it without reservation. My ties to the scene remain strong, and I’ll continue to appear on Porngrind compilations, albeit under different song titles. WHC will maintain its provocative, polarizing, and politically incorrect stance.

The upcoming EP’s tracks will take a critical aim at the Church. It has been compromised by false prophets and despicable criminals who glorify perversions, meddle in politics, and betray God. Every true Christian should consider leaving the Church as a stance against being part of an institution that tolerates such subhumans.

WHC News // 2021

There are two new WHC tracks released in January 2021 on the split The Six Principles Of A.I Takeover via Norwegian label Injecting Krokodil Into A Dead Dog Productions.

After being unjustly banned from Bandcamp for the umpteenth time, WHC tracks have become a rarity there. Bandcamp, in their infinite wisdom, decided to sideline us, showcasing their unparalleled expertise in idiocy once more. Given my disdain for the dystopian hellscape that is social media, acquiring WHC’s distinct sound has turned into navigating a near-impenetrable fog. However, should you feel so inclined, feel free to share my website across the social media wasteland to introduce my noise to others.

WHC News // 2020

WHC is making a grand return in 2020, as if we’d never left! After a musical hiatus that some might call ‘epic’, I’m diving back into the studio to craft some brutal Cybergrind tunes for all you WHC aficionados out there. Four new tracks have already been laid down for a couple of upcoming splits. I’m probably gunning for the world record as the laziest band in existence. But hey, I’m fully committed to defending that title. If we drop a few songs every 11 years, it just adds to our unique charm, doesn’t it?

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