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Latest news and updates about WHC can only be found here. I do not use social networks. The information in some music archive pages is not quite correct. Everything you need to know and can learn about World Hate Center can only be found on this website. Welcome to the only true information channel.


WHC News // 2022

The work on my first album The Vatican Tapes has been delayed. 2022 the album comes nevertheless 100%!

WHC News // 2021

There are two new WHC tracks released in January 2021 on the split The Six Principles Of A.I Takeover via Norwegian label Injecting Krokodil Into A Dead Dog Productions.

Since I got banned from Bandcamp for the second time, you can’t download any WHC songs there. Bandcamp are idiots and because I hate using social media, it’s basically very hard to get WHC stuff. Still, feel free to share my website in the social media cesspool to introduce my noise to other people.

WHC News // 2020

WHC is back in 2020 like it never left! After a long musical break, I’ll be hitting the studios with different artists to create brutal Cybergrind music for all the WHC fans out there. We have already recorded four new songs for two forthcoming splits and work is in progress for our new studio album – The Vatican Tapes. The album will comprise fiery new tracks together with a couple of unreleased songs refined under the great Global Spermageddon Productions.

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