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World Hate Center - Band history

I officially founded World Hate Center in 2005 after thrilling musical escapades with diverse death metal bands back in the 90s. The idea was to create a brutal pornogrind band that would be famed for its ferocious lyricism and contagious energy. There were already great bands in the scene that still fascinate me today.

Brutal Metal was pretty much as cutthroat back then as it is today, perhaps even more savage. Grindcore and Death Metal has always been a hobby and a lifestyle for me – a place of solitude where I frequented whenever I needed some feel-good vibe. The desire to create the same environment for the next fellow was overwhelming, and strings of connected events later, our journey took off!

And so it began…

Before World Hate Center, there was Chainsaw Masturbation – my first brainchild in the pornogrind subgenre founded in 2003. Off the books, this would be the origin of the now WHC. Although short-lived, Chainsaw Masturbation was well-perceived and showed immense potential. We had an eventful 2-year learning experience with Chainsaw Masturbation which is about everything we needed at the time considering we were still new in the scene trying out in a competitive space. 2 years was enough time to evaluate our scorecard. We weren’t doing badly, but it wasn’t a great run either.

Upon intense reflection, I came up with a new concept for the band which necessitated the rebranding of the then Chainsaw Masturbation to World Hate Center in 2005. As I mentioned before, the WHC’s train left the station in 2003, and in 2005, it underwent a complete facelift that saw among several other necessary changes, the recruitment of new members. I needed a more aggressive sound for the new outfit, a deviation from the sounds of Chainsaw Masturbation. This would explain why I made the transition to WHC with only the drummer from Chainsaw Masturbation. He was an obsessed instrumentalist, and I kind of needed the spirit for the new “movement.”

But first a backspin to where it all started!

As aforementioned, I have been a devoted Death Metal and Grindcore fan from way back. Metal has never been a business for me, a factor that influenced how I came to run my band later on! Good brutal Metal music has a way of hitting you in all the right spots, purging destructive energy and planting in their places calm, and some deep level of bliss you can never experience anywhere else. My debut into Death Metal as a creator was driven by the need to do the thing that made me happy regardless of whether it made money or burnt a big hole in my pockets. I lived for the creative process of music creation, and it never felt like work, not a single day!

1994 – 2004

You can call this my manufacturing period if you will. I had finally transitioned from a listening fan to a creator. During this period, I was an experimenting instrumentalist and a vocalist from where I gathered tons of experience that I have used to furnish my own band. In 1994, I joined my first death metal band, Suspiria! I was a badass drummer that was featured in a couple of live concerts. It was one hell of a musical experience that fashioned me into the all-round musician I am today!

Unfortunately, Suspiria didn’t live long. Suspiria was later disbanded, and in 1996, I joined my second death metal band, Insane. This time as the vocalist. During my tenure at Insane we had a very great and unforgettable time, but like many upcoming new Death Metal Underground Bands of our days, we never had the stability needed to absorb the challenges we encountered along the way. Insane too came to its inevitable ugly end closing the curtains for my short-lived death metal career.

During the years that followed, I wandered the industry like a stateless pirate in the high-seas. I joined different other rock bands and tried out my fair share of musical styles from Rock to Hardcore, I even featured in dozens of CDs. Although I played many concerts during this time, I had not yet found my musical place. In the early 2000s I felt it was time to flap my own wings and finally do what I love. Primitive brutal porngrind that nobody wants to hear. It was a journey I had to take.

2005 – 2011

I needed people who felt the same way I did. To create primitive noise that we could all enjoy. Exactly in this way Chainsaw Masturbation was created in 2003. Sadly, it wasn’t all roses at Chainsaw Masturbation camp either. I dropped the Chainsaw Masturbation line up except for the drummer and decamped to World Hate Center.

I brought in different musicians to WHC with whom we created The Chainsaw Demos released in 2008. The cover of the demo symbolizes the fight against pedophile subhumans. Unfortunately, we lost all the recordings for the demos in a hard drive crash, invaluable studio efforts all gone to the drain in a flash! However, there were about 50 copies of the demos that were sold out in no time. Interestingly, I never owned a copy of that masterpiece. During the same year, we held two funny World Hate Center concerts where we made some of the fondest recollections of our little band.

2009 presented a roller-coaster of events for WHC! Once again I had to let go of all the band members we had created The Chainsaw Demos together. It was a tough year for me and the band, but as fate would have it, I got to know Gronzo – a talented musician whom I credit for helping me realize my Cybergrind dreams. Gronzo showed up at a crucial time in my career when I was sampling different melodies for the next phase of the WHC. I was going cybergrind at the time, and he was quite instrumental throughout the process. 2009 our second demo Maximum Perversum was released. The song titles and samples provide a humorous critique of these gay absurdities, steering clear of any glorification.

It was also during this time that I came to meet another key figure in my musical journey – Nik the Pig from Vaginal Cadaver. I forged a strong friendship with Nik, one that would later come to save World Hate Center from the brink of extinction.

Together with Gronzo I recorded four killer songs for the Death n’ Disco Massacre sampler in 2010. Afterward, we began fishing for new talents to augment the sounds of our next projects. This, however, never came to fruition as the band split up once again in 2011. From this point on, I resolved to turn WHC into a solo project with no permanent line-up going forward.

2012 – 2017

After the band split, I took a musical hiatus and toured the world. In 2014 I founded the noisegrind band Orgasma Plasma together with my friend Dick Tracy, and left Germany in 2015. Leaving Germany was a pivotal move for me. The country, in my view, has turned into a shithouse that is being destroyed by a sick and criminal government. The Federal Republic of Germany is a disgusting cancer and those responsible will burn in hell one day. Europe, as a whole, no longer meets my standards for a livable environment. I cherish the freedom to travel the globe and reside in places that are clean and peaceful. Traveling has broadened my perspective on life, music, Christianity, and many other areas. It has made me more open-minded and free-spirited than ever before. I have transformed into a new person.

2018 – 2023

I had shelved my dreams of having a Cybergrind band after a series of disappointments. For all I cared, World Hate Center was dead to me! I never did anything meaningful musically in 2018, and I wasn’t bothered at all. Remember Nik the Pig from Vaginal Cadaver? Well, Nik wasn’t buying my act. He was convinced that I still had that fire burning deep down in me. Turns out a genuine passion is hard to suppress. Long story short, WHC is back stronger like it never left!

During a short and very fun trip to Russia we had an intense conversation with a great Russian guy to start a new label together (Nik did the talking, he speaks fluent Russian). That was the birth of our label Global Spermageddon Productions.

The label has re-released our demo Maximum Perversum and the compilation Death n‘ Disco Massacre as well as the Vaginal Cadaver Pussy Overdose EP.

Upon self-reflection, I noticed that I’m not good with long-term engagements, perhaps the reason the band failed to sustain durable members. It’s probably late to teach this old dog some new tricks, which is why it is best for WHC that for every new release I feature new guest artists – some ‘no-strings-attached’ sort of arrangement. I don’t want to compromise anymore. That’s why it’s the best way for me to have my own label and continue WxHxCx as a solo project without permanent band members.

In 2021 I released two new songs each on The Six Principle of A.I Takeover Split and on Monsters of Porn Vol.1 Split.

I hope you had fun with the World Hate Center – Band history. It is far from finished.

I have spoken.

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